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Free URL shortener with statistical data

Onx.la allows you to analyze the clicks of your links, such as knowing the day and time your users clicked, type of device used, country of location, operating system of the device, among others.
We offer you a marketing tool with an advanced URL and link tracking system.

Branded URLs

Customize each short URL to take full advantage of its potential. Branded links replace the domain "onx.la" with your domain name. With onx.la you can create and share links with your brand, instilling confidence in your audience and increasing their clicks.

Detailed Analysis

Track each shortened link in real time and measure its effectiveness. The detailed analysis provides information on clicks received, clicks on social networks, page references, types of devices, browsers, operating system, geographical location among others.

Custom Links

Take custom URLs one step further with custom post-domain text. When you edit the domain's back text, you give people a preview of where you're sending them, building trust and increasing clicks. You can also get a QR code with link to the short URL to print brochures.

No Monthly Payments

If you require more detailed statistics of your short links, with Onx.la you do not have to commit to monthly payments, since you only pay for the URLs that you want to have more detailed statistics and analysis, and your balance does not expire.

The short URLs that you mark as paid will have all the premium features for as long as you decide, this includes history time, API integration, and much more.

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Link Customizer

  • Custom URL
  • Branded URL
  • URL and link simplification
  • To check for shortened links
  • QR code generator for each short link
  • UTM code generator
  • History of shortened URLs
  • Onx URL Button
  • API
  • Link tagging


Onx.la - URL and link shortener and tracking

Our link shortener is easy to use and has many features and detailed analysis in real time. With our short links you know when and where someone clicked or touched your shortened links and many more statistics.

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Branded URL

Set up your own domain and create branded short links to increase conversion and the trust of your users and customers. How does it work? branded custom domain replaces the "onx.la" domain in your short links with your own branded domain.

  • Branded URL
  • Custom domains
  • More conversion with branded links
  • Analysis for brand links

Improve links by shortening with the Onx URL button

Drag the "Onx URL" button to your browser's toolbar and start using it. When browsing any website, each time you click the "Onx URL" button you will shorten and simplify your URL using onx - URL and link shortening and tracking.

Drag it to your browser's toolbar