Replace with your brand

Configure a custom domain for your brand within

In your links use the domain of your brand replacing the one of

Customize each short URL to take full advantage of its potential. Branded links replace "" with your domain name.

custom short url

Get more clicks

Custom domains replace "" in their links with your brand's domain name so you can take full control of your content. By using your domain brand in your links, your audience will trust them more.

Convert your links into assets for your brand

With confidence comes action. Businesses that share custom links see an increase of up to more than 30% in clicks. Simple: If your audience trusts your links and knows where they are going, they are more likely to click on them.

Acortador de URL
{ 'branded_url' |trans({},'branded_links') }}

Create recognizable links

When you edit the back half of a link, you give people a preview of where you send them, which builds trust and increases clicks.